Live Recording Night, Continued

In the event that not enough bands sign up for any given Live Recording Night to make it practical to produce an entire Compilation CD, then the release of the Comp. CD may be postponed and combined with the next Live Recording Night event that follows, in order to make a full CD of music worth $12.00 (min. of 12 songs suggested).

Compilation CD costs and profits:

After each Live Recording Night weekend, Shamblin Sound will invest a considerable number of hours of labor over the following four weeks preparing the master CD for each band, right down to delivering finished product CD's to the REF for sale. The REF will then sell each CD for $12, with $2 of that to pay back duplication expenses, and the remaining $10 to be split 50-50 between The REF and Shamblin Sound; $5 to go to the REF to cover advertising and promotion expenses for the event and to provide incentive to sponsor the event, and the remaining $5 to go to Shamblin Sound to help cover all the time required to deliver the finished product master CD for duplication, as well as help offset promotional expenses incurred by Shamblin Sound.

Events will be promoted through the Red Eyed Fly through normal avenues, and by Shamblin Sound as well, in ways such as but not limited to; posting flyers around town, listing the event on local "What's going on" websites such as "," radio and/or T.V., Live Recording Nights website promotion, etc. Methods of advertising and promotion may vary without notice, depending on availability. The REF and Shamblin Sound encourages each participating band to also do what all it can to promote the event on their own websites and through what ever else means available, to link their websites to this site, and to encourage attendance from as many of their own fans as possible, so as to provide the utmost support from the crowd for your live recording.

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