Live Recording Night, Continued

Each band that wants to participate in the recording process shall contact Shamblin Sound to book the session utilizing the fill-in form (link at bottom of page) and pay a $250 deposit, which is non-refundable - except in the unlikely event of equipment failure on behalf of Shamblin Sound, the Red Eyed Fly, or participating band's equipment, or power failure, which results in an unusable and/or impractical to repair recording, in which case deposit shall be fully refunded. Payable via PayPal, Money Order, Cashier's Check, or by cash (if local). Payment must be received no less than 10 days before the event start in order to guarantee inclusion and/or proper listing in the pre-show advertising and promotions.

Each band shall pay the remaining $250 to Shamblin Sound upon delivery of the finished rough-mix proof CD of their performance and multi-track Master DVD set and the Master 3-song CD, and payment must be received before the Master DVD/CD Set can be released.

Bands are under no obligation to use Shamblin Sound to mix and master their tracks after the recording of their performance on Live Recording Night, however, Shamblin Sound is offering an extremely-low $99 / song flat-rate to all participants in this program. (Limited time offer, certain restrictions apply. Changes to final mix; first three sets of changes to any song are free - after that it's only $20 per set of changes.)

Each band that participates in the recording process shall have full rights to their recorded material for duplication as provided by law.

Each band that participates in the recording process must authorize the use of three (3) songs to Shamblin Sound & the Red Eyed Fly, to be put onto Compilation CD's and sold through the Red Eyed Fly, and and may also be used for promotional use such as but not limited to radio / t.v. advertising or other promotion such as on the Live Recording Night website. Each band that participates in the recording process will get additional exposure through audio samples of Live Recording Night music which will be regularly uploaded to the web page provided by Shamblin Sound which is also linked to other sites.

After each Live Recording Night event, Shamblin Sound will spend the first week to ten days making rough-mix proofs for each band of their entire recording, for them to listen to and then decide which 3 songs they want to submit for the Compilation CD which will take about a month to produce a final product from beginning to end.

Bands must submit their song selections to Shamblin Sound within 5 days after receiving their proof CD. In the event that a band hasn't submitted all 3 songs by the end of the 5th day, Shamblin Sound shall reserve the right to pick which songs in order to keep the process on-schedule.

Note that "submitting" your 3 songs simply means "authorizing / allowing" Shamblin Sound and The Red Eyed Fly to use it on their Compilation CD as explained here within. You still retain all copyrights to the songs.

All songs submitted and approved for use on the Compilation CD will be mixed and mastered by Shamblin Sound free of charge; we will schedule a week to ten days of time for this process.

The remaining week will be used by Shamblin Sound to prepare the master compilation CD for duplication, and duplication itself.

The Red Eyed Fly will have the first Live Recording Night CD in-hand and in-house, ready for sale by - if not several days before - the next consecutive monthly Live Recording Night event. Compilation CD's may also be made available by mail and website.

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