Rates andMasters

Limited-time offer: Just $99 per song for Mixing AND Mastering!
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For other rates, call or email us. To offer the most competitive rates possible, we figure rates on a job-by-job basis, based on individual clients' needs and job requirements.

MASTERS: We can backup your music from our hard drives to CD or DVD when your project is finished.

There are three different types of Masters:

•Stereo Master Mix Audio CD: This is what you take to the Duplication Plant.

•Multi-Track Master Data DVD's: These contains your original individual music tracks, still in 24-bit DATA format. Without the Multi-Track Master, no further changes or variations of the mix can be made to future copies of your music files. We do not archive or maintain files of finished projects, so if you want these individual audio tracks you need to get them within a week after your project is finished being recorded.

•Stereo Master Mix DATA CD: This contains the Stereo Master Mix, still in DATA format so that if the master Audio CD gets lost or damaged and needs to be replaced, we can make you a new one of the same quality (a new one can be made from either the DVD's or a DATA CD).

You will always get a Stereo Master Mix Audio CD upon completing your project. The Stereo Master Mix DATA CD and the Multi-Track Master Data DVD's are optional. The cost to make a Stereo Master Mix DATA CD is minimal ($25). The cost to make the DVD's depends on the size of the project, which determines the time and materials required. Most 12-song projects fall in the 10 to 15 gig range, which costs $100 labor plus materials. Uncommonly big projects may be slightly higher. It can take a half a day or more to make the DVD's, so we just charge a low flat rate as opposed to by-the-hour and do it in between other projects.

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