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Shamblin Sound can perform CD Audio Mastering on your music recordings so that they sound much louder and fuller, just like a major label CD! And also optimize the equalization so that it's more compatible with current standards and will fit right in when compared to major label recordings of the same type. All major labels perform CD Audio Mastering on all of their music before being released and if you skip this process, your CD will only sound about half as loud, clear, and full. Music that has not had CD Audio Mastering done to it - or done poorly - is the last to be played by radios stations, due to such vast volume discrepancies, distortion, and other problems.

With 35 years experience and top of the line ProTools HD gear, coupled with five grand in Mastering software, Shamblin Sound can perform CD Audio Mastering on your project so that it's ready to take to duplication, and radio airplay!

Shamblin Sound was one of three CD Audio Mastering facilities chosen to submit a quality-bid on a project produced by Grammy and Dove Award winning multiple Gold and Platinum Record producer Gary Paxton in Nashville, TN for Contemporary Christian artist Greg Crowe that was released globally. One CD Audio Mastering house was in Nashville, one in L.A., and the third was Shamblin Sound. When all the votes were in, Shamblin Sound's CD Audio Mastering won the quality-bid!

Shamblin Sound is now offering this same high-quality service to you direct via the internet, with online CD Audio Mastering, and at awesome prices! And if you aren't satisfied with the mix you have, and you have the multi-track masters, we can mix, tune vocals, tweak timing issues, and master your songs simultaneously for the ultimate in sonic perfection!

Free Sample! Shamblin Sound will send you a sample of our CD Audio Mastering on one of your songs, free! If you like it, it's only $35 to get the complete song. Invoice will be sent via Paypal, and you do not need to have an account to use it (you can checkout as "guest"). All fees come out on our end, so it costs you nothing extra.

For an even better deal, we'll perform CD Audio Mastering on your entire CD at once for just $275 !! You can send us your files using our dropbox, for free, by clicking here: SS File Dropbox
We will send you proofs by email via "Yousendit" which sends you an email with a link you just click on to download your Mastered .wav files. Email or call us right away if you are interested, and let us know you are sending files, so we can be on the lookout.

Important Notes:

- For the best results, please be sure that the loudest parts in your mix files are close to the red, but not IN the red, even a little . . because the mastering process can make barely-noticeable clipping distortion sound more noticeable. If your mix-down system shows waveforms on-screen, zoom in as far as you can on the final stereo mix tracks and check the tops of the waveforms on the loudest parts to make sure they don't look like mountains with the tops removed.

- The mastering process tends to naturally make the treble frequencies a little hotter and brighter, so be sure and take this into account when making the mix files to send us. We can of course add e.q. if you want us to; just let us know on that. It's good to play a few songs from major-label artists on your mix-down system beforehand in order to get a reference. Following these guidelines will give you the best results in the end, after the CD Audio Mastering is completed.

- If you are going to make a copy of your CD to send to us for CD Audio Mastering, be sure to set your CD burning program to the SLOWEST speed available (ideally no faster than 4x). This will prevent any appreciable quality loss. High-speed copies should not be sent in for CD Audio Mastering, as this causes the error count to be greatly multiplied and may cause noticeable audio artifacts to come forward during the CD Audio Mastering process. If you are going to upload them to our server straight from your slow-speed-burned master CD (or computer-generated .wav file), disregard this, because this only applies to burning CD's.

CD Audio Mastering Samples from Shamblin Sound

Blues Sample, Before

Blues Sample, After

Rock Sample, Before

Rock Sample, After

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