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Michael Shamblin has been involved in writing and performing music since the early age of four. And his career in recording and producing music began long before he was old enough to even get a driver's license, and now totals thirty five years. A music arranging major at the University of Alabama, his experience and skills include composing, arranging, producing and performing, along with recording, mixing, editing, and mastering. Michael has had two Billboard Top 100 charting Country songs and one Dance song that made the charts and was played overseas for many years. He has also played keyboards with several popular performers, from Contemporary Christian artist Greg Crowe to Blues artist Bo McGee, Roy Potter, and many others. Michael has also had the distinct pleasure of working with the fabulous Tuscaloosa Horns for many years and on many projects, from CD's to Jingles that were aired all over the nation, and had classes with several of the members while attending The University of Alabama while working on a Music Arranging degree.

Several artists who were recorded and produced by Michael Shamblin have signed with both major and independent record labels, such as Bill McCorvey of the Pirates of the Mississippi, Greg Crowe, Blest by Four, Bethany Barr-Phillips, The Dexateens, and many more. Grammy and Dove Award winning Nashville gold record producer Gary Paxton chose the mastering work Michael did on one of his projects for Greg Crowe that was released nationwide as well as overseas. It was submitted on a quality bid basis (vs. price) and it went head-to-head with Final Edit Mastering in Nashville and a mastering facility in L.A., and Mr. Paxton chose Michael's work over theirs. Shamblin Sound now offers the convenience of "online mastering" where you can upload your material to our server vs. driving to the studio or sending in your master by mail. Michael has also been selected twice over Nashville facilities to produce the music for the First United Methodist Global Conventions, again based on quality and not price.

Shamblin Sound has also produced Musical Advertising Productions (Jingles) for regional and national broadcast, and has received several ADDY Awards for Best Musical Productions. Shamblin Sound was also the sole source of jingle production for "Creative Broadcast Marketing" out of Ft. Myers, FL for several years, and produced a wide variety of jingles for CBM that were sold all over the US and are still playing on the radio to this day.

Over the years, we have been called upon numerous times to help with issues with sound systems and room acoustics for churches, restaurants, clubs, etc. Our Audio Consulting services have resulted in major improvements to existing setups, often with relatively little investment. Shamblin Sound has also engineered numerous times for live music sound reinforcement over the years and has a lot of experience in that area as well. Since we offer live on-site high-def ProTools recordings, this is important, because of course you can't provide a high-quality live recording if the sound system sounds bad. Michael Shamblin also spent one year working with Ram Sound, a nationally recognized professional sound reinforcement company and Klipsch loudspeaker company rep. Our Live On-Site High-Def ProTools recordings exceed the quality level of most label's live recordings, such as Pastor Michael Thompson and the Chosen Vessels project "The Live Experience" which was submitted to major radio stations in the area and instantly bypassed the "Local Artists" shows and went straight into rotation, and then on to become #1 (click on "Samples" below, then "Black Gospel," then "Rev. Michael Thompson & the Chosen Vessels" to hear a bit of it).

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