Pro Tools HD-3 Accel

+96 i I/O

48 Simultaneous High-Res 96k/24 bit Analog Inputs
Plus a Lucid GENx192 Low-Jitter Master Clock

Digidesign MIDI I/O for Simultaneous MIDI Input

Plus tons of extra plugins that did not come with Pro Tools:

Antares Auto-Tune 4, Mic Modeler, Waves Platinum Bundle, Digidesign Massive Pack, Focusrite, Drawmer, Sony Oxford, McDSP, Sound Toys, VocAlign, BNR, Line 6, Sound Replacer, Bomb Factory, Trillium Labs, and more.

The new Pro Tools|HD Accel series has been totally redesigned for higher quality, faster loading, and will handle four times as many eq's, compressors, etc. over the previous 24 Mix Plus system with 888 I/O's. Our current list of plug-ins include not only the long list that came with the Pro Tools software, but also thousands of dollars worth of extras purchased separately (see above).

Pro Tools|HD has earned Digidesign scores of industry accolades, including both Oscar® and Grammy® awards for technical achievement.

Unmatched Processing Power

Producing professional audio often requires more power than even today’s most advanced personal computers can handle alone. Pro Tools|HD workstations deliver unmatched processing power by using dedicated PCI DSP cards that reside inside the computer while simultaneously leveraging the resources of the host computer to run additional virtual instruments and signal processing plug-ins. The result is an audio production powerhouse delivering extremely low latency and exceptional performance that far exceeds other hardware-accelerated or host-based audio workstations.

Pristine Audio Quality

With unparalleled sonic quality and high-resolution capabilities, Pro Tools|HD (High-Definition) offers maximum fidelity throughout the production process. Featuring a true 48-bit mixing architecture that yields nearly 300 dB of dynamic range, award-winning high-resolution audio interfaces and peripherals, and automatic delay compensation to ensure your mix stays perfectly time-aligned and phase coherent, Pro Tools|HD delivers uncompromising sound quality that meets the demands of even the most discerning ears.

Digidesign Audio Interfaces range in number and type of inputs and outputs, operating levels, and bit resolution according to the model, ranging from the introductory Pro Tools LE and Digi OO1, all the way up to the ultimate Pro Tools HD and 192 I/O. The 192 I/O is the top-level HD series interface, with the highest quality A/D & D/A converters ever made by Digidesign. The 192 I/O is the only interface with the new "Soft Clip" option, which can provide an additional 4 dB of headroom.


• 16 Simultaneous Analog Inputs on the 192 i/o (48 total including the two 96i interfaces) • High Resolution 24-bit Digital Sound with up to 192 kHz sampling rate • Up to 128 Audio Tracks, plus Virtual Tracks • 256 MIDI Tracks that can be recorded simultaneously with audio • Full- Scale Automation, including plug-ins • Simultaneous Mixing & Mastering Capability

Analog Inputs:

• TAC Scorpion II 40-channel Analog Mixing Console. AMEK makes this board, and it's got that AMEK big-board sound that's warm and fat on the low's, and smooth as silk on the high's. Digital boards we've tried just didn't sound as good.

• Mac G4 1.25 GHz computer with over 200 gigs of hard drive storage space. Additionally, your work can be backed up onto DVD's.

• Tannoy System 10 "Time Aligned" Studio Monitors reduce listener's fatigue and provide incredible accuracy.

• Hafler P3000 trans-nova power amp for clean and accurate sound, even at higher volumes.

• Rane 1/3 Octave Stereo Graphic E.Q.

• AKG 414's, Blue Line's, and D112, Sure SM 81's and 57's, PZM's.

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